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Hosted VoIP solution for registered charity...

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Cisco and VoIP. A fantastic combination...

Flexible and functional VoIP solution...

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Large Multinational company and VoIP...

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Head Office: Associates Ltd, 2 Beeston Court, Stuart Road, RUNCORN, Cheshire, WA7 1SS, UK

General Enquiries 01928 481000 VoIP Enquiries 01928 481004 Fax 01928 531954

Limited Company registered in the UK No: 7162835

01928 481000




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MS Society choose VoIP. Read why...

Call Geotek on 01928 481000 today and find out how we can fulfill all of your Hosted VoIP requirements

High quality telephone calls over the internet

Enjoy greatly reduced call charges

Efficient and scalable technology

Flexible, robust, and secure

The very best Cisco equipment

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