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Large Multinational Engineering Firm opts for Hosted VoIP

The Business Background

Halcrow is a large engineering consultancy, which specialises in the provision of planning, design and management services for infrastructure developments worldwide.

Halcrow is one of the UK's leading engineering consultancies, with a pedigree stretching back to 1868. With interests in transportation, water, maritime and property, the company is undertaking commissions in over 70 countries from a network of more than 70 offices.

The Challenge

The Engineering Consultancy wanted toinstall a fully hosted VoIP telephone system into a new site at its premises of 400 employees in Glasgow. With the new site, they had carte blanche and were able to design an architecture that would fit inideally with their communications needs.

With this in mind they were able to look at new technologies such as hosted VoIP, which would enhance communications as well as offering cost efficiencies.

After implementation the engineering company would look at expanding the VoIP network into other offices and the rest of the corporation as and when necessary.

Halcrow, by its nature, had a very sophisticated approach to risk and due diligence - they build airports, bridges, nuclear power stations - and so they insisted on scrutinising all areas of Voicenet Solutions systems, and wanted to understand what was possible, what redundancy systems could be put in place in the case of a fall over, to name but a few.

The Solution

When invited to demonstrate the hosted VoIP product at the old offices, Voicenet Solutions instantly impressed. No other supplier was able to come onto the existing site, plug in a phone and immediately demonstrate the services on their own desk within minutes of entering the building.

The Voicenet Solutions phone system works over the internet and all that is needed is Ethernet connection and a user is able to log onto their profile, over the network, regardless of location. Furthermore no other provider was able to offer the heavily bespoke, robust and secure requirements such as a fully designed PSTN backup system as a security measure in the case of system fall over.

To do this, Voicenet Solutions worked in conjunction with one of the largest accredited Cisco suppliers for the PSTN back up system, and the designated Connectivity supplier to ensure the correct feeds and customer satisfaction was delivered.

The Results

Voicenet Solutions successfully installed the 400 handsets into the Glasgow offices. When this initial seeding programme is completed Voicenet Solutions look forward to demonstrating and implementing further VoiP products and connectioncs into additional Halcrow sites. There is a view to start looking at other hosted VoIP products such as VNiMobile, the FMC convergence solution which brings mobile phones onto a hosted VoIP network.






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“The Engineering Consultancy wanted to install a fully hosted VoIP telephone system into a new site at its premises of 400 employees in Glasgow.”