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Company: NAPA

Supplier: Voicenet Solutions

Product: Hosted VoIP

The Business Background

Charities are leading the way in adopting new technology in order to help increase efficiency and ultimately save money.

Hosted VoIP technology now offers advanced telephony solutions for companies and budgets of all sizes. NAPA is the only voluntary organisation in the UK dedicated to increasing the profile and understanding of the activity needs of older people.

Based in London, NAPA is a small charity that works across the country to equip and advise staff on best practise skills to enable older people to enjoy a range of activities whilst living in care settings.

Telecommunications is a key aspect of the charity's advice and helpline service and an essential part of dealing with the needs of different care settings. Having a quality telephone system is therefore business critical.

The Challenge

The charity's previous telephone system was a basic BT exchange, which was only installed a couple of years before. But NAPA was moving to new offices and saw it as the perfect opportunity to install a telephone system that could grow with the organisation. NAPA needed a system that was scalable for possible future expansion and more advanced to deal with the increase in incoming and out-going calls.

NAPA stated they received more calls than they make with all members of staff quite regularly being on the phone at any one time. They therefore needed a solution that would easily take messages at any time of the day, as well as offer remote access for message logging, caller ID and playback.

Furthermore, staff needed to be able to work from home more readily and effectively, but be contactable as if still in the office. Though whatever features were available, it was agreed that the cost effectiveness of the solution was of paramount concern.






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CASE STUDY: NAPA Hosted VoIP Solution

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