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Hosted VoIP solution for registered charity...

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Cisco and VoIP. A fantastic combination...

Flexible and functional VoIP solution...

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Large Multinational company and VoIP...

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MS Society choose VoIP. Read why...

Call Geotek on 01928 481000 today and find out how we can fulfill all of your Hosted VoIP requirements

High quality telephone calls over the internet

Enjoy greatly reduced call charges

Efficient and scalable technology

Flexible, robust, and secure

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Geotek is a leading provider of Hosted VoIP telephony systems. We introduce our customers to new telephony technology to help solve business requirements in the new economy. Whatever your business size, Geotek can provide tailored and secure Hosted VoIP services to suit your needs.

Flexible and Robust

Make sure you select a Hosted VoIP solution from a VoIP service provider who can deliver. Geotek is a leading hub for Hosted VoIP and traditional telephony services, providing businesses with advice and implementation. With our expertise, your business can substantially reduce the cost of telephony, enrich the employee experience, and change the way your business communicates forever.

Convert your Business

Now is the time to give your business the Voice over IP telephony treatment.With a remarkable technology offering, cost savings above traditional telephony, no capital outlays there's never been a better time to enhance your business and change the way you work for good.






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